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Thinkers, doers, creators, leaders. In every profession, industry and endeavor, our are engaged at the top of their game.

Total living alumni


Global reach

Brandeis alumni live in 169 countries around the world. .

Alumni clubs and shared interest groups

20+ Meet alumni who .

Social media presence

100+ alumni groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Alumni Association events

185+ events and programs per year. .

Alumni volunteers


Alumni who work at Brandeis

Nearly 1 in 5 faculty or staff members are Brandeis graduates. Browse job openings at Brandeis.

Alumni giving

20,638 alumni made a gift to Brandeis last year. .

Legacy families

208 students have at least one parent and/or grandparent who graduated from Brandeis. Learn about the .

Living members of the Class of 1952 (Brandeis’ inaugural class)


Continuing education

More than 4,000 alumni hold multiple degrees from Brandeis. 

Class of 2020 career outcomes

94% of the Brandeis Class of 2020 was employed, attending graduate school or engaged in other meaningful activities within six months of graduation. See all first-destination data.