The 2020-21 academic year began a new era of learning at Brandeis. As we have seen so often in our institutional history, we are confident that our commitment to repairing the world and caring for one another will illuminate the path through these unprecedented times.

Though campus may appear different, our mission remains the same: to provide every enrolled student with a world-class buenasnochesfashion.comcation and enriching experience.

Light the Way for Brandeis invites every member of the Brandeis community to . Your gifts directly enable the enhanced measures we continue to take to ensure that learning thrives amidst the pandemic.

What are we doing to maintain a COVID-ready campus?

A Brandeis community member in line for COVID testing

Robust campus testing to minimize and control the spread of the virus.

Brandeis students wearing masks in the library

Building community through an enhanced, cohort-based enrichment experience for first-year students to strengthen ties, provide academic support and inspiration and improve student retention in the distanced learning environment.

Three Brandeis students in masks, stand in between rows of books in the library

Aiming to meet the increased scholarship need for every student who is struggling with unanticipated financial setbacks. Download our case study (PDF) on how student scholarships transform aspiration into access.

Gloved hands organizing a box of vials

From lab research to learn how the virus infects cells to using machine mapping and artificial intelligence to interpret data and genetic code, Brandeis professors are creating knowledge to understand and ultimately defeat COVID.

A sign over the information booth says "Help Keep Brandeis Healthy"

Responding to any and all challenges that COVID presents includes retrofitting campus spaces, reimagining gatherings and adapting teaching methods. More than 3,000 pieces of furniture help to de-densify indoor spaces, while nearly 40 classrooms have been enhanced with new technology for a hybrid learning environment.